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What I Offer

Dr. Paul D. Connor, is a licensed psychologist and clinical neuropsychologist based in Des Moines, Washington, who specializes in:

Cognitive and Behavioral Neuropsychological Assessments

Cognitive and behavioral neuropsychological assessments of adults (17 and over) with a variety of neurological impairments, such as:​

  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)

  • memory impairment

  • stroke

  • dementia

  • cognitive deficits

  • learning disabilities

  • attention deficits

  • Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD)

Forensic Assessment

Forensic/legal assessment of FASD, TBI, memory impairment, stroke, dementia, cognitive deficits, learning disabilities, and attention deficits.

Public Speaking

Workshop and presentations about neuropsychology and FASD.

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